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Siti Nurhaliza – Tonight

I’ve always thought about the things that I need close to me
I’ve never been able to let go so easily
If only they taught love inside of all those history books
I’ll teach you to love me and we will never end...

So can we go, turn back time
Go back to a place I keep you in my mind
You’re all I know, you’re all I need
Can I cast a spell to keep you here with me...

Everybody’s tryna keep you away from me
Is it not right to be with you and be all you need
‘Coz I get so lonely when you’re not here, so stay with me
Stay with me tonight (tonight, tonight..)
Stay with me tonight (tonight, tonight..)

I’ve never thought love so magical was meant to be
I’ve seen it in movies but I never thought it was meant for me
But when you came into my life I felt brand new inside
You hold my hand and said my name and looked into my eyes...

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Tell me if I promise, promise that I give you
Everything you see and someone you believe in
I’m supposed to be the be the only one you
You ever need to love...

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(Wha ye ya ye ya ye ya
Oh wha ye ya ye ya ye ya
Oh wha ye ya ye ya ye ya
Oh wha ye ya...)

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