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Power Metal – Lady

Lost in the street, cry without sound
Screamin' for help to somebody's hand
Searching for life night after night
Hoping will find candle light...

Bringing heart bleed, walking around
Live under pressure breaking you down
Wish I could help to make up your mind
Pick up you out from the dark...

I give you chance but you never know
How you should do to realise dream
I try to undertand, (but) you still never know   
Forgive me I can't give you more...

Lady... Get’s to  hold on to your dream
Lady... You should learn to know how it seem

You don't understand how to begin
To remain the pain walk against the wind
Sill never care, just think for money
I know cause you too blind to see...

Waiting for a chance, hope you can change
I trying so hard but it's hurt so hard
Living in lie, you can't leave behind
It's too late to make me believe...

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