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PAS Band – Red Light Shooter

Something you know, story about man
Rule me tendeses, our life are able...
We likes are the guy, use a word simple man
I'll be to go inside, he said...

We walk together, like father and son
We catch the dreams, together like her...

Communication is complicated, no I'm not talk it over
But show must go on, simple thing and break the way...

Red light shooter, wins or looser
Red light shooter, wins or looser...

We forget her about love, and every hate her wilder
A papers close eyes and then close our head...
And have your facing for to the floor, down to the sea
You can't catch anyway you'll get, mm.. lost everything lost everything now..

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One law we broken to far, on laugh we end
What so vault by the king what our bleam
On a realms we end, wash away..wash away..wash away..
On a roalling far away (why..why..? )We cannot up stallin

Alone.. and goodbye
And good night, my friend
Who loves you...

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